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Social Responsibility

The work force of Sheel Pack offers unprecedented capabilities along with well proven integration and dedication. We believe in delivering best of our productivity without letting any hindrance coming into our way. Our innovative efforts come in a market with an innovative way keeping the commitment towards the society by manufacturing Biodegradable Bags. We understand our responsibility towards the society and we very well know that Biodegradable Carry Bags are the need of the hour. Our company provides oxo-biodegradable polythene having all the characterstics of normal plastic. Our specially designed Biodegradable Bags are extensively used invarious industries. High duality of raw material is used in the production of bags in this segment. Our product while serving the purpose of plastic when exposed to sun or when kept in natural decaying conditions degrades in a stipulated period without harming the environment.

Eco - friendly Biodegradable Bags are mixed with vegetable starch, vegetable oils and organic minerals. Some prime features and advantages of Biodegradable bags are given below :
  • They are fully degradable thus reduce dump areas and keep agencies with improved aesthetic and sanitation.
    They are available in various customized sizes and are suitable for all needs.
  • They can be destroyed easily and when destroyed they do not emit toxins so the environment stays clean
  • They are manufactured as per government regulations
  • They have a short life cycle and are safe for use in food packaging industry