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What Is The Special Significance Of Tamper Evident Security Bags?

Posted by Admin on July, 14, 2015

For those who are unfamiliar with the security bags, may not know the important elements in such bags. There are many unique features like the tamper evident seal that performs the specialised function and if you omit it, then the valuables may get exposed to tampering. The seals found in the bags have immense value and every business must use them. Tamper evident seal is the special kind of adhesive strip that enables one to detect if there has been an attempt to tamper with the package. The seals can be found in the tamper evident security bags in a variety of colours, designs, patterns and thickness. As soon as an individual tries to tamper with the package, the tape will clearly display VOID or ‘Tampered With’. Some of the bags even come witha more sophisticated sealing called the thermochromatic seal. It is meant for situations where the thieves can tamper with the security bags and melt or freeze the adhesive to reseal it after the contents are tampered. With the thermochromatic seal, the tape will change colours and appear distorted.

Why there is a need to send parcel in tamper evident bags?
High security bags must be used in situations where you have to send high value items like jewellery, cash, corporate records, exam question papers. By not opting for such a bag, you may leave yourself open to varied forms of tampering. Without the security features, any bag can be opened without your knowledge. Only with the inclusion of the seal, you can ensure that the parcel is secured and no one has opened it. You can conveniently send coins, cash, sensitive documents and anything which you want to be transported securely.

Buying the tamper evident security bags
You can easily buy the tamper evident security bags online at reliable rates. They can be bought in various colours and sizes. The gauge or the thickness of the bag determines how much valuables it can store. Some of the bags can even hold heavy coins weighing 40-50 pounds or so. With the breathing holes of the bag, you can dump coins with the high velocity. If you are running the bank or casino, there is every need to purchase high security bags. The closure of such a bag is tamper evident and you can note the presence of bar code and serial number. If anything happens to the bag, you can immediately trace and identify.

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